• The history of Offline campers can be traced back to Sam and Jenna Reynolds’ love of camping. The lure of the open road, and the simplicity of throwing swags and a tent on the roof rack were just too much to resist. Plus the opportunity to see Australia was something of a lifelong passion for both of them. Their first big trip was The Simpson Desert in their old 60 series Landcruiser affectionately called “The Meat Wagon”. This was quickly followed by trips to the Victorian high country, Flinders Ranges and Cape York.

    Of course, once the kids came on the scene, Sam and Jenna’s camping needs changed drastically. They found themselves looking for simple comforts that would provide a tad. more luxury than a tent! This led them to look for a soft floor camper trailer … but of all the options on the market, not even one came close to being right. Which is when Sam decided to put his engineering skills to family use and build a trailer of his own!

  • With a keen eye for quality and detail, this new prototype not only ticked all their boxes, they spent over 100 nights in it! In just the first year! The family looks back fondly over those trips which included a 6-week trip to Tassie and some time along the Eyre Peninsula. 

    A few more years went by and the family soon found themselves longing for the ease of just throwing a swag on the ground. But with a more luxurious twist of course! This set them on a quest for the perfect hard-floor camper trailer. Once again, the list of features came from the felt needs of the family. Tough and light enough to travel anywhere. Setup ease. Generous kitchen with plenty of bench space. Functional and clever storage. Space for the entire family. And of course, it needed to be Aussie made. Once again, they were let down by the options available. And for the second time, Sam found himself drawing up design and plans for a new kind of camper trailer that would fit the bill. Camping along the Murray River at the time might have provided some inspiration!

  • However, the first CAD concepts got their friends and family really excited. Armed with this positive feedback, Sam and Jenna found themselves asking a whole bunch of questions: What if there are other families like us? What if they like camping as much as we do but can’t find their dream camper trailer? What if they have a family and want to enjoy road trips together?

    That is the moment Offline Campers was truly conceived. After two years of R&D which culminated in another trip across the Simpson Desert, Offline Campers released its first product: the RAKER. That was in 2018.

  • Like all good engineers, Sam is never fully satisfied with his work, believing there is always room for improvement. So he took things to the next level in 2020 with the launch of DOMINO, a teardrop design that goes from trailer to camper at the push of a button. Judges at the 2021 Brisbane Camper Trailer of the Year awarded it the Most Innovative and Best Hybrid Camper at its very first entry into the competition.

    Needless to say, this is why the brand has such strong values of Quality, Innovation, and Family. It comes a deep-seated need that just wasn’t met by the market. Instead, Sam had to dig deep to create something that did not exist. And now that it does, he’s super keen for other families to try it out!